Akrapovic Racing Exhaust System

Akrapovic is a high-performance exhaust manufacturer from Slovenia. Best known in the United States for outfitting the San Manuel Yamahas of James Stewart and Josh Hill, the company is highly regarded as one of the premier systems in Europe. The high-end Evolution line of exhaust is made of titanium tubing and features a carbon fiber end cap, while the more affordable Racing line features stainless steel tubing and a composite muffler end cap.

Hits: The overall fit and finish of the Akrapovic system is second-to-none; everything from the beautiful welds to the perfect slip fit connections are flawless. The system bolted on to our test bike perfectly, requiring no jiggling or coaxing of any sort. On the track, the system yielded performance changes that were mostly noticeable down low and up top. In the KX450F's case, the Akrapovic system smoothed out the massive mid-range hit, making the bike both further at the high-end of the rpm range, allowing it to pull further in each gear. One of the best-liked characteristics of the system, however, was the fact that it provided performance gains while at the same time reducing the exhaust noise levels.

Misses: The Akrapovic system is not cheap, nor is it short and compact. There are other aftermarket mufflers that are better tucked in, but none of them offer the noise dampening performance of the Akrapovic.

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