EBC 180MM Oversized Front Rotor

The EBC 180mm front brake rotor is an oversized rotor designed to increase stopping power on any bike it's installed on. Made from stainless steel and designed to be floating, the rotor is strong, durable, and constructed to withstand hard hits that normally would bend a stock rotor.

Hits: The huge size of the rotor does an excellent job at increasing stopping power, while the durable steel that it is constructed of protects against hard, unexpected hits from flying rocks or roost. When applying the front brake with this rotor installed, the power is increased, the front brake isn't too touchy - it produces a nice consistent feel. When going fast, great stopping power is a must, and the EBC rotor provides just that.

Misses: While the oversized rotor did increase the stopping power, it did take me a while to get used to, as it was far more powerful than stock. I with the stock rotor installed wasn't necessary with the EBC setup. I had to consistently tell myself that in the case of the EBC front brake, less pull on the lever was actually more. Lastly, the stock front disc guard on most bikes must be removed in order to install the EBC rotor kit.

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