Pandora Saga

Pandora Saga is the first MMORPG title of the Japan-based Gonzo Rosso and involves a large number of top-notch developers devoting to its development and design. Pandora Saga features such elements as large-scale war between nations, high-level of military strategy implementation, horse riding, siege war, flag capture, etc. It is also a game with strong storyline twists, particulary relating to quests. In addition, when players complete a storyline quest, an animation will be played for them, which will surely make them feel rewarding.Since the dawn of ages, a Great Empire had once dominated the whole world under one King. He was well known for his kindness towards all races, thus forming a peaceful land and maintained co-existence among six races. However, these great moments did not last long. One night when the people were sleeping, the dark sky turned into day as large balls of fire shower down upon the earth, consuming instantly everything it touched. The Great Empire was set in ruins overnight and the history records were lost as well in the Great Catastrophe.

Years later after the destruction of the Great Empire, three new nations were formed, struggling for land and power. Leaders of the three nations were fighting for the supreme power held by the Great Empire. The war rapidly grew out of control as terror spreads throughout the world causing great sufferings to all races. Deaths by the thousands polluted the land with blood and decomposed bodies. Meanwhile, leaders of three nations had commanded their subordinates on a quest to search for the long forgotten Legendary Ultimate Weapon. Legend says “He who holds the Ultimate Weapon shall seize the day”. However, the true strength of it remains a mystery.The world suffered for many centuries of endless warring as no nation could dominate over others. However, a man named Brahm, who signed a contract with the devil, planned to start a war for his evil desire to rule the world. As the rage of war spreads into the Neutral Territory of Astir, legions of army of the three nations charged fiercely into the battlefield battling each other. At that moment, a huge lightning struck the troops of the three nations and almost destroyed all the regiments. While most of the soldiers died, those who survived lost all their memories.

You will be an independent adventurer heading for a quest to recover your memory as well as loyalty to your preferred nation......

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