Rihanna rages against her own version of 'S&M'

The controversy surrounding Rihanna's 'S&M' continues with a new twist today (February 8).

The singer expressed her outrage yesterday over BBC Radio 1supposedly renaming the track'Come On' and playing a cleaned up version of the smutty tune. Writing on her Twitter page,Twitter.com/rihanna after she was informed of this, she wrote: "Are you fucking kidding me? 'S&M' called'Come On' now? That's BS [bullshit]!". She added that she was "absolutely not" OK with the new version.

However, it emerged last night via a Radio 1 statement that the new edited version of the song was actually distributed by Rihanna's record label, Def Jam. We think you can call that a breakdown in communication (Metro).

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