Crysis 2

Nomad is pinned between an invading army of vicious extraterrestrials and a ruthless paramilitary organization that wants it's stolen super-suit back, and he has no cab fare to get out of New York. Fortunately, the upgraded Nanosuit 2 evens the score considerably. Though it still has no pockets, it includes a sensoryenhancing tactical mode that can track enemy movements, and the ability to deploy multiple power modes—such as speed and strength—simultaneously in order to, say, disable multiple enemies mano-a-mano or make a flying leap from the top of one skyscraper to a balcony on another. In fact, just about every gameplay tweak I’ve seen requires you not just to act like a one-man army, but to think like one as well, with strategic options that extend well beyond what we’re used to a single person being able to achieve in combatfocused games (like using a taxicab as a moving shield, a defensive weapon and a battering ram, in that order). Remember, with Crytek also turning its obsessive attention to detail towards vertical level design and enemy AI in Crysis 2, don’t expect a mere shooting gallery—and don’t forget to look up.

Release Date: Late Q1/Early Q2
Developer: Crytek
Publisher: EA

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