Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

A shot in the arm for the Call of Duty-fatigued, Red Orchestra 2 is Tripwire Interactive’s gunpowderperfumed love letter to complexity. We don’t knock shooter-makers releasing their works on multiple platforms, but RO2 is already showing us what a multiplayer FPS can do when it’s locked-in exclusively for the PC: true-to-life ballistics that differentiates between whether my bullet tags an enemy in the liver or the shoulder, a firstperson cover and weapon-bracing system and massive, 64-player battlefields that forego the boring bottlenecks we’re used to in favor of intricate, varied avenues for shooting other men. Of course, all that realism wouldn’t be worth the ash off Stalin’s cigar if it didn’t control comfortably. But that may be RO2’s greatest feat—building dazzling, detailed systems that reward precision, tactics and teamwork in a WWII setting, without any collateral damage to accessibility

Release Date Late Q1/Early Q2
Developer Tripwire Interactive
Publisher Tripwire Interactive

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