World's First Eye-Controlled Laptop Debuts at CeBIT

A Swedish technology company unveiled the world's first laptop computer controlled by the human eye, Swedish news website The Local reported Wednesday.
The laptop was developed by Stockholm-based Tobii Technology, whose CEO, Henrick Eskilsson, said it marked an important step in bringing eye-tracking gadgets to consumer products.The computer was developed using research carried out in 2001 at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and allows users to change between windows and scroll through documents by blinking. Because it knows exactly where the user is looking on the screen, it allows users to zoom in, center images, switch between windows and scroll through documents.
"We anticipate that people will be extremely excited to be able to control their computer with their eyes," Barbara Barclay, general manager of Tobii North America, said in a statement.
The laptop was unveiled Tuesday at the CeBIT technology fair in Hannover, central Germany.

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